Thursday, March 31, 2005

Decor modifications

Well, despite the 2 day work week for me, it's been a very busy 7 days. Patched the bathroom wall (one of the towel hooks came out a few weeks ago, making a nasty hole), touched up the bedroom wall (crack down one wall). Did a not-too-bad job of it, if I do say so myself.

Also picked up a couple of "shelf-lights" from IKEA. Man, I love that place... even though they were out of the pint glasses that I like so much. The shelf-lights are now shining brightly on my mini-library, and are quite pleasing. I did manage to screw one into the shelf with these little mini roberton screws that I have (but that I lack an appropriate screwdriver for) before I realized that the lights came with their own philips screws (for which I do have an appropriate screwdriver). Oh well. Life's one crushing blow after another I suppose. Well, not really.

I also picked up a nice orchid, a lamp, and some bamboo. Well, they're not expensive, they all give pleasure, and improve the home decor a little... so why not. At least we didn't buy the $700 sofa table we'd seen in Sears that would fit so nicely behind our upstairs couch.

So, I guess with spring comes redecorating. Well, with the hope of spring at least. May hope spring eternal.

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