Saturday, June 19, 2004

Talking computer

As I entered my computer this am, it spoke to me.....Really! I can only blame one person for that, and he's sleeping at the moment!

Goals are being realized although I do not have my king sized bed as of yet, but now that I'm making money (real money) who wants to spend it? A new car would be nice, but then I would have no money, I would like to save save save! I'm going to try and live the same way I did when in school, except now I have a living room set! Oh and I'm going to try and eat better, as school worrying and eating has lead to me not fitting in to an entire closet of cloths, which I must defend from my sisters when they come, I'm actually wondering if I lost something during my graduation :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Birthdays and Convocations

Well, I'm 30. After several days off to contemplate my new existence as an old fart, I've decided that things are very good after all. My goals are being achieved (though perhaps not at the rate others would dictate) and life is pretty good. I've decided to postpone my mid-life crisis for at least another year... Or at least until I really can afford that plasma TV.

Displayed proudly on our hallway wall next to my degree is a matching document, emblazoned with white and gold, signifying years of worry, fret, hopes and sweat. Tammy not only has achieved a new job, but has convocated officially from her alma mater in a ceremony last Thursday in the Corel Center. To start and finish such a long term goal is truly an accomplishment. Congratulations honey.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Yes, that is the time that I awoke! I thought I would beat my honey to posting my good fortune, but I see that he has already stated that I am now employed.

First of all, the 5:30 thing, Nova my loved puppy wakes me up every single morning! I don't know what's up with him, he wakes with the light! At least he sleeps through most nights now. In the past he would wake ME up at all hours of the night to get out.

OK, the job, here it is, Monday I start working! Happy days are here. I'm graduating and getting a place to sit up stairs (we did without furniture, as I liked to call my empty living room 'my education')

So we are moving the downstairs furniture up top, as someone has come to the same conclusion I did that its just too big for that area downstairs!

and my Job, I maintain, if you want it a job will come! Seriously, this job fell into my lap! Because I excepted a 2 month contract in March, I was able to apply for this one, and I waited and waited and waited............AND WAITED........But its here now!

I am a government employee! I work for the best people to work for!

Ok, its time to take my monster (aka my beautiful puppy) to the park for his run.

P.S. Steve is still sleeping, what time did you go to bed honey?

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Job Hunt Successful

Congratulations to my dearest on receiving a job in the service of Her Majesty with the Canada Revenue Agency. Yea!