Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Bush, Jennings, Nova and Tupperware

A disparate pair. Yet, on this same evening, one has arrived in Canada, and the other has finally left us, after so many weeks on Jeopardy. I'll miss you now that you're gone Ken.

There's quite a ruckus in the streets today due to Mr. Bush's visit. I was told that he commented that at least some Canadians were waving with all five fingers. Yeesh.

On the medical side of things, Nova has been to the doctor, and again his ailments remain a mystery. More meds, more fasting. On the bright side of things, he does not seem ill... yet the evidence remains. Well, he's always had a bit of a queasy disposition. Hopefully with appropriate diet, and our being careful, he'll avoid this situation in future. We can hope.

My honey has been busy with Tupperware, it's selling, procurement, meetings, and all of the associated cookie baking. Note to the men: cookies are not the same as squares. These are entirely different entities. Under no circumstances confuse these confections.

Apparently cookies are the means of control used in this cult. Expect her at your door any day now, cookie tray in hand, regaling you with the latest specials in superior plasticware. You all know what you're getting for Christmas. I know what I'm probably getting at least.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

New website, new server, everything moving

My website has moved, finally, into my home. It's living (until I find a suitable server) on my workstation. Tammy does not particularly see the signifigance, but I assure you it's fun for me. I'll be able to provide niftier web things for my website, and improve our (currently file-based) intranet. The first advance has been to put some of our photos online. Enjoy.

So, as always, things are moving. Having your own webserver means having your own web server support. hehe. Hopefully I'll work out a backup solution soon.

So, if you're looking for the blog, website, photos or anything else web site related, you can just remember: stephenanthony.ca (a web alias that points to my website no matter where it is).

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Slow Cooked Beer Rabbit

Man. Perfection in just 6 hours. Slow cookin my beer and chili soaked rabbit. Yum. My girlfriend's mom looks at me like I'm saying squirrel when I say I'm cooking rabbit. But, she does not know what she's missing. Rabbit is succulent, good, and good for you.

Anyways, in my effort to combine rabbit + whatever was in the cupboard + slow cooker, I found a really nifty site. I've been looking for a well designed recipie site for some time. RecipeZarr is the best I've found. You can select cooking methods, add/subtract types of food, prep time, and all sorts of paramters... and find just what your looking for.

I mean, who's looking for beer; rabbit; slow cooker; chili sauce? Me. :)

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Motion Sensors and Yummy Bread

All in all, the makings of a perfect Saturday.

Installed a nifty motion sensor in the "manly room" (furnace room) today. It detects motion/heat, and turns on the light in there. We'd been having some problems with leaving it on occasionally, and it's nice to know that it will come on and off now only as required, and without our intervention. Nifty.

The nice 3 loaves of fresh white bread I made today are cooling. Yum. The buns I made with the leftover dough didn't turn out as nicely as I'd like... but I think the bread will be better than my first attempt. It rose nicely, and had a better consistency. Also, I'm sure the right amount of yeast was used this time.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

The curtains are back up

The curtains are back up, the place where I stepped to attach the curtain rod is repainted, the burly workmen are gone, and most of the dust is vacuumed. Finally. The only issue is that they left without reattaching the lower curtain rod (just out of reach). The upper drapes are hung kinda nastily, but better than none.

I hate to think about what anyone going through a kitchen or bathroom renovation has to go through. Anyways. It's looking good, and there's a whole wall knocked off of my fathers (the painter) schedule for next fall.

Got a bitchen new step ladder as well. Ah, something else to store until I get a new house. Well, it will probably be useful during the aforementioned painting.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Four day weekend

Well, I was able to manage the fact that there will be a tupperware party in my house today (Saturday), and I'm also glad that my ceiling and wall are being fixed and painted by the condo contractors after about a year. Essentially my weekend is a wash.

Well, I suppose I've blogged a bit, written some mails, done some work. But it's just not a real weekend if you can't have some couch time. I can't even cook! Well, I did manage to watch a little TV Thursday night, looking through the rails of a 15 foot scaffold.

Well, perhaps I'll go see a movie. The wall is now a nice grey/green. That's pleasant at least. Anything but the builders white is a welcome change.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is the coolest thing ever. I've tried to explain it to some people... they often just don't get it. Then again, perhaps it's because nobody does.

A wiki is a community driven website. Anybody can go and edit a page, any time, anywhere. Yep, you heard right, anybody.

So, why does someone just not go and wipe it out? Or worse yet, mess it up subtly? Well, some people do. Others find it and fix it. Faster than most people can notice. Then the baddies are banned, and life goes on. But mostly, I like to believe, human nature dictates that we create rather than destroy. Perhaps I'm a fool.

But not only the website is free (to both view, and change). Much of the content is free for taking as well! Insanity I say. Insanity I like.

- Guardian Article

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Aurora and Leonids

Sleeping after a meal of chicken and noodles, I was awakened to Tammy shouting that the northern lights were outside and I should come with all due haste. I was skeptical at best. Aroused prematurely from my stupor, I stumbled about, trying to find something to wear. My eternal apologies to Tammy for ever doubting her.

I stepped out to find a wonderful green curtain of light. They danced, and brighened, and dimmed, and moved. I ran back to find something capable of capturing the event. I grabbed the camcorder and my camera (both sans tripod).

So, in an early November evening, Tammy, Nova and I enjoyed a very pretty show of aurora borealis, supplemented by 3 or 4 rather bright leonids.