Thursday, December 30, 2004

Bags have Arrived

Well, Christmas has arrived... at least the material portion of it. Not to mention our clothes. All was safe and sound.

Tammy and I have spent the evening getting new tires for the car (we had a flat when we returned from Christmas, and needed new tires anyway), having dinner, and exchanging some gifts.

I picked up a JumpDrive Trio, on Richard's recomendation... along with a 512 MB SD card from Best Buy (they were having a sale).

It looks like a New Year's BBQ at John and Carols, so we picked up some ribs and steak for that, along with a salad. I expect Carol would have difficulty leaving to pick up things, as John has broken his foot. I'm sure new years will be happy nonetheless.

My new drill charger is hanging on the wall, batteries are all charged and waiting for tomorrows activity of installing Tammy's new kitchen radio/CD player.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tsunami Wobble and Rotation

Carol mentioned to me that apparently the recent tsunami disaster in Asia has caused a change in the Earth's rotation speed and introduced a "wobble".

Such a terrible tragedy. A reminder of the terrible power of nature. Anyone wishing to donate might consider contacting the Canadian Red Cross. The ICRC has also a site to help in searching for people in the affected areas. The aim of the ICRC's familylinks website is to help those separated by conflict or disaster to find information about their loved ones in order to restore contact.

And if you're thinking that this sort of disaster doesn't affect you. Read this.

Return less bumpy, in some ways

Well, we're back in Ottawa, finally. Our bags, of course, did not follow us, and are instead taking their own journey via Montreal. However, all is well. The trip, while stiffness inducing, was uneventfull aside from some delays. Nova is well and happy to be home with Mom and Dad.

John (one of Nova's caretakers during our absence) has just yesterday broken his fifth metatarsal. Luckily, we arrived just in time to remove Nova. Though cute he would undoubtedly a burden to a man with a 2 year old and a broken foot.

The pizza is eaten, Nova retrieved from foster care, the mail's been opened. I'm going to bed.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Arrived safely, if not smoothly

Well, we've arrived in the land of good food and drink. The weather is actually rain. Not too suprising, but a pleasant change from the -26 C that we left in Ottawa.

The vomit comet landed in Deer lake (I kid you not... there was a lot of puke). I must honestly say that I enjoyed the ride. However, I think Tam was a bit worried... and there was a lady in the back that kept shouting out loud during the particularly dramatic shifts of altitude.

All are now safe and happily filled with succulent moose. The cat is happily entertained with the laser pointer. And we're winding down the evening with a little snack (of course) and TV.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

BBC - Rough Science Series 4

Have you seen Rough Science? It's a BBC/Open University program shown sometimes on TVO here in Ontario.

These fellows pit their science knowledge against nature, and work out all sorts of interesting tools, cures, and machines from what they find around them.

I've actually only seen series I. They're up to 4 now. I hope the others get shown here in Canada sometime soon. You never know when you'll need to make a battery from seawater and a pencil.

All engines running

Nova is prepped, the supper dishes are cleaned, the bags are packed, and we're ready to go.

Oddly enough, it will be the first time Tammy and I have ever flown together. We've been places together, but we've always either driven, taken a train, or flown seperately. Well, I guess there are still many firsts to come.

Well, it will be a crisp morn, and it will undoubtly come early. Merry Christmas everyone, and to all a good flight.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Nearly There

Well, preparation has begun for the annual Christmas Cleanup. Getting the house tidy for any burglars that might want to drop in. Actually, the main purpose is to have a clean and tidy house when we get home from Newfoundland.

Nova is going to stay with John and Carol for Christmas. We'll miss him immensely. But I'm sure he'll have good care. It would have been nice to have him home though, and he could meet his cousin Penelope.

We've had Ottawa christmas this evening (opening the big but inexpensive gifts that are too large to carry home). Steve got some down pillows, and Tammy has a kitchen radio and some Bakers Secret baking pans. (Shhhh, don't tell anyone before Christmas). Worry not, the majority of Christmas is coming with us.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Shopping, Books, and Snow

Managed finally to get my Christmas shopping done. Make no more requests, all purchases are final! :) Actually, the stores were pretty good today. A minimum of rudeness, and the checkouts pretty fast. Perhaps the stormy weather has kept people in.

I got an early gift for myself as well. I've not been diligent in my reading, particularly of the basics of science fiction. Sure, I ramble on with quotes from Douglas Adams, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings... but I've always felt that I'd been missing out on some of the basics like Mr. Asimov, and more recently (though still classic) Larry Niven.

So, today I bought the fourth book in the "Robots" series by Asimov, The Robots of the Dawn and Ringworld by Niven. Christmas reading taken care of.

Well, Nova's happy now that there's snow. I no longer have to "make" snow out of the frozen ice so that he can, for lack of a better word, go. Yes, apparently snow or grass, or any semi-soft surface is fine, but hard solid surfaces are not appropriate for any bodily functions as far as he's concerned. Humph. Well, the precipitation we have now is apparently more acceptable for his purpose.

Sunday, December 05, 2004


Well, I've changed my first diaper this weekend. Tammy and I were babysitting last night for little Miss Bronwyn Serroul. Nothing terrible to report. The child survived, and I think is generally not too badly off.

For a fellow whos last experience with a diaper was being in one... I think the whole process went rather smoothly. Of course, I was not alone, and had experienced backup in the person of Tammy to step in should the situation have turned.

I don't know if I want to do it for years. But the evening was certainly OK. Bronwyn was being nice to the newbies I think.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Snow and Website update

Woke up this morning to alot of snow. Nasty nasty snow. Hopefully it will not stay for long. Nova likes it though.

I've revamped the photos, added thumbnails and albums for easy (hopefully) navigation. Check out the new and improved photos on the website. Click on the "Photos" link.

No photos of the snow as yet.

For those waiting for wedding news. The cake has been ordered.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Bush, Jennings, Nova and Tupperware

A disparate pair. Yet, on this same evening, one has arrived in Canada, and the other has finally left us, after so many weeks on Jeopardy. I'll miss you now that you're gone Ken.

There's quite a ruckus in the streets today due to Mr. Bush's visit. I was told that he commented that at least some Canadians were waving with all five fingers. Yeesh.

On the medical side of things, Nova has been to the doctor, and again his ailments remain a mystery. More meds, more fasting. On the bright side of things, he does not seem ill... yet the evidence remains. Well, he's always had a bit of a queasy disposition. Hopefully with appropriate diet, and our being careful, he'll avoid this situation in future. We can hope.

My honey has been busy with Tupperware, it's selling, procurement, meetings, and all of the associated cookie baking. Note to the men: cookies are not the same as squares. These are entirely different entities. Under no circumstances confuse these confections.

Apparently cookies are the means of control used in this cult. Expect her at your door any day now, cookie tray in hand, regaling you with the latest specials in superior plasticware. You all know what you're getting for Christmas. I know what I'm probably getting at least.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

New website, new server, everything moving

My website has moved, finally, into my home. It's living (until I find a suitable server) on my workstation. Tammy does not particularly see the signifigance, but I assure you it's fun for me. I'll be able to provide niftier web things for my website, and improve our (currently file-based) intranet. The first advance has been to put some of our photos online. Enjoy.

So, as always, things are moving. Having your own webserver means having your own web server support. hehe. Hopefully I'll work out a backup solution soon.

So, if you're looking for the blog, website, photos or anything else web site related, you can just remember: (a web alias that points to my website no matter where it is).

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Slow Cooked Beer Rabbit

Man. Perfection in just 6 hours. Slow cookin my beer and chili soaked rabbit. Yum. My girlfriend's mom looks at me like I'm saying squirrel when I say I'm cooking rabbit. But, she does not know what she's missing. Rabbit is succulent, good, and good for you.

Anyways, in my effort to combine rabbit + whatever was in the cupboard + slow cooker, I found a really nifty site. I've been looking for a well designed recipie site for some time. RecipeZarr is the best I've found. You can select cooking methods, add/subtract types of food, prep time, and all sorts of paramters... and find just what your looking for.

I mean, who's looking for beer; rabbit; slow cooker; chili sauce? Me. :)

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Motion Sensors and Yummy Bread

All in all, the makings of a perfect Saturday.

Installed a nifty motion sensor in the "manly room" (furnace room) today. It detects motion/heat, and turns on the light in there. We'd been having some problems with leaving it on occasionally, and it's nice to know that it will come on and off now only as required, and without our intervention. Nifty.

The nice 3 loaves of fresh white bread I made today are cooling. Yum. The buns I made with the leftover dough didn't turn out as nicely as I'd like... but I think the bread will be better than my first attempt. It rose nicely, and had a better consistency. Also, I'm sure the right amount of yeast was used this time.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

The curtains are back up

The curtains are back up, the place where I stepped to attach the curtain rod is repainted, the burly workmen are gone, and most of the dust is vacuumed. Finally. The only issue is that they left without reattaching the lower curtain rod (just out of reach). The upper drapes are hung kinda nastily, but better than none.

I hate to think about what anyone going through a kitchen or bathroom renovation has to go through. Anyways. It's looking good, and there's a whole wall knocked off of my fathers (the painter) schedule for next fall.

Got a bitchen new step ladder as well. Ah, something else to store until I get a new house. Well, it will probably be useful during the aforementioned painting.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Four day weekend

Well, I was able to manage the fact that there will be a tupperware party in my house today (Saturday), and I'm also glad that my ceiling and wall are being fixed and painted by the condo contractors after about a year. Essentially my weekend is a wash.

Well, I suppose I've blogged a bit, written some mails, done some work. But it's just not a real weekend if you can't have some couch time. I can't even cook! Well, I did manage to watch a little TV Thursday night, looking through the rails of a 15 foot scaffold.

Well, perhaps I'll go see a movie. The wall is now a nice grey/green. That's pleasant at least. Anything but the builders white is a welcome change.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is the coolest thing ever. I've tried to explain it to some people... they often just don't get it. Then again, perhaps it's because nobody does.

A wiki is a community driven website. Anybody can go and edit a page, any time, anywhere. Yep, you heard right, anybody.

So, why does someone just not go and wipe it out? Or worse yet, mess it up subtly? Well, some people do. Others find it and fix it. Faster than most people can notice. Then the baddies are banned, and life goes on. But mostly, I like to believe, human nature dictates that we create rather than destroy. Perhaps I'm a fool.

But not only the website is free (to both view, and change). Much of the content is free for taking as well! Insanity I say. Insanity I like.

- Guardian Article

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Aurora and Leonids

Sleeping after a meal of chicken and noodles, I was awakened to Tammy shouting that the northern lights were outside and I should come with all due haste. I was skeptical at best. Aroused prematurely from my stupor, I stumbled about, trying to find something to wear. My eternal apologies to Tammy for ever doubting her.

I stepped out to find a wonderful green curtain of light. They danced, and brighened, and dimmed, and moved. I ran back to find something capable of capturing the event. I grabbed the camcorder and my camera (both sans tripod).

So, in an early November evening, Tammy, Nova and I enjoyed a very pretty show of aurora borealis, supplemented by 3 or 4 rather bright leonids.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

To Halifax and Back: A non-hobbit tale.

Well, via a circuitous route we managed to visit Tammy's partents and siblings both in Miramichi and in the lovely city of Halifax. Access 2004 (the contrived reason for visiting) was it's usual resounding success. The real treat was the blackened halibut at Salty's restraunt however. Man, that's good fish.

Have you seen "Team America: World Police"? While more rude than "South Park", it wasn't as good. The puppets were spooky (are they not always?), and the comedy edged more toward the vulgar and discusting than poiniant zings against pop culture sillyness. Though, I do admit, I don't regret the $35 spent. There were a few laughs.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Your web browser does not work well?

So, what are you going to do about it? Download and run Mozilla Firefox. It's better, faster, more secure.

Get Firefox!

Do it now. It's easy, trust me.

Yes, this sounds a little like a commercial... but you will thank me. I ask no forgiveness, as none is required. It blocks pop-ups, removes ad's, is faster than "the other browser", and is simpler to use. Both Tammy and I like it alot.

Do it. Now.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

So whats happening?

Getting married. July 30, 2005 in the beautiful city of Halifax, NS.

Going to Halifax next week, with a short stop at Tammy's mom's place for thanksgiving turkey, and visiting. Should be fun. Can't wait to get to Access 2004... that's always a fun conference.

OK. Into the mundane, but proud. Put up some shelves today in the broom closet. We never used it for brooms anyway (how many brooms do these builders expect one to have?). So a nice Saturday project to go to Home Depot and get some shelving and make a little mini pantry.

For those interested... the dog's algeries are going away... but his snoring, as of tonight, has increased dramatically.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Sad sad sad

i cant believe that it was me the last one to write something in this area, not to mention its been over a month - that's it that's all I have to say

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Talking computer

As I entered my computer this am, it spoke to me.....Really! I can only blame one person for that, and he's sleeping at the moment!

Goals are being realized although I do not have my king sized bed as of yet, but now that I'm making money (real money) who wants to spend it? A new car would be nice, but then I would have no money, I would like to save save save! I'm going to try and live the same way I did when in school, except now I have a living room set! Oh and I'm going to try and eat better, as school worrying and eating has lead to me not fitting in to an entire closet of cloths, which I must defend from my sisters when they come, I'm actually wondering if I lost something during my graduation :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Birthdays and Convocations

Well, I'm 30. After several days off to contemplate my new existence as an old fart, I've decided that things are very good after all. My goals are being achieved (though perhaps not at the rate others would dictate) and life is pretty good. I've decided to postpone my mid-life crisis for at least another year... Or at least until I really can afford that plasma TV.

Displayed proudly on our hallway wall next to my degree is a matching document, emblazoned with white and gold, signifying years of worry, fret, hopes and sweat. Tammy not only has achieved a new job, but has convocated officially from her alma mater in a ceremony last Thursday in the Corel Center. To start and finish such a long term goal is truly an accomplishment. Congratulations honey.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Yes, that is the time that I awoke! I thought I would beat my honey to posting my good fortune, but I see that he has already stated that I am now employed.

First of all, the 5:30 thing, Nova my loved puppy wakes me up every single morning! I don't know what's up with him, he wakes with the light! At least he sleeps through most nights now. In the past he would wake ME up at all hours of the night to get out.

OK, the job, here it is, Monday I start working! Happy days are here. I'm graduating and getting a place to sit up stairs (we did without furniture, as I liked to call my empty living room 'my education')

So we are moving the downstairs furniture up top, as someone has come to the same conclusion I did that its just too big for that area downstairs!

and my Job, I maintain, if you want it a job will come! Seriously, this job fell into my lap! Because I excepted a 2 month contract in March, I was able to apply for this one, and I waited and waited and waited............AND WAITED........But its here now!

I am a government employee! I work for the best people to work for!

Ok, its time to take my monster (aka my beautiful puppy) to the park for his run.

P.S. Steve is still sleeping, what time did you go to bed honey?

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Job Hunt Successful

Congratulations to my dearest on receiving a job in the service of Her Majesty with the Canada Revenue Agency. Yea!

Monday, May 31, 2004

Shrek II

Still have not sat down and completely watched LOTR: The Return of the King. But I've made my way through the "extras" DVD. Tam and I went to see Shrek II. Puss 'n Boots stole the show. I'd have to say the movie was at least the equivalent of the original, and perhaps even better. Good story, excellent animation, and very funny.

Don't forget the Venus transit coming up. I've seen some news broadcasts demonstrating how to make pin-hole cameras to view the transit, but unless magnified, I can't imagine that a pin-hole camera would be a satisfying way to view (very very small as viewed from Earth) Venus crossing the solar disk. Perhaps the safest and easiest way to view the event is via live webcast.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Return of the King

Bought the LOTR: Return of the King DVD yesterday. Spend 2 hours just "scanning" it, not even really watching the movie, but just perusing my favourite bits. Wow. I've yet to really sit down and watch it again, and have not even attempted the extra materials. I need a large flat screen TV.

Next on the movie viewing list: Shrek II, Troy, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Gonna be a busy few weeks.

Tried Lapsang Souchong today, a Chinese black tea. I gotta say, I've met at least one tea I don't like. Next time you're at a camp fire, take some of the partially burned embers, crush and soak in water... same effect. When they say it's "smoky", boy do they mean it. I thought the guy next door was going to call the fire department. The odoriferous emanations are enough to discourage casual attempts to drink the tea. I was courageous however, and managed to imbibe a few sips. Let's just say it's probably an acquired taste.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Phantom Menace

Been playing Star Wars: The Phantom Menace on the Playstation. As usual, I've become completely engrossed in the game. Almost finished now. Soon I'll be able to communicate as a normal human again.

It's really strange, but I've always gotten really weird when I become engrossed in a video game. Luckily, I don't really play many games, though Tam might tell you differently.

Civilization (and later Alpha Centauri) are the ones I remember becoming most addicted to, and noticing later that I'd think about them all the time, dream about them even... And be really grumpy generally until I bored of them, or solved them... Whichever came first.

Of course, I'm much better now than I used to be. But still. I generally don't give much credence to the wackos that say cartoons harm children... But sometimes I wonder. Especially when I can see a dramatic impact on my own behaviour. I do have vivid memories of learning from television. Of course, at the tender age of 7, David Suzuki was my hero.

Well, I'm at The Final Battle... so I'd best be off before Qui Gon dies at the hands of Darth Maul.

Nothing wrong with what the dog does!

My baby boy is important to me! And deep down inside I know that Steve really wants to hear everything that he does! Like chased a bird in the park, or dug a hole in the flower bed.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Everyone else is, why not us?

As I can't think of a good reason, beyond lack of interesting things to say, not to blog. Conformity is fun, therefore we shall.

When I mentioned the idea to Tammy, she thought it was something she might also like to do. Having had zero interest in learning HTML, and yet very net-active, blogging seems a reasonable means to quench her thirst for electronic communication.

Here's the first of what we hope to be a large collection of mindless drivel, complaints, happenings and daily updates about what the dog did. Consider it our contribution to the to the medium which has given... from which we have taken, so much.