Saturday, April 23, 2005

Vietnamese Food

Tam and I went for lunch today at New Mee Fung, a Vietnamese restaurant on Booth St. Ottawa. As it was our first attempt at Vitenamese food, I've nothing to compare it with... but in general it was good... certainly not spicy as many of our companions (some who did not attempt) thought. I had a beef (well done) soup and bbq chicken. Tammy had rice paper wraps of chicken, beef, mint, sprouts and basil. We both thought the texture of the rice paper wrapping was very condom like (kinda flexible and suprisingly strong despite it's apparent thin and transparent form)... again, we can only presume this is normal. Unfortunately, we could only comment on that interesting fact afterwards, as we were in polite company at the time.

I found the beef noodle soup very good, but very large (it was a full meal in itself). The bbq chicken brochettes were excellent. If I were to return, I think I'd only choose one though. Oddly, and for the first time in memory, I could not finish my plate.

An interesting food adventure.

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