Sunday, March 19, 2006

Crappy video from laptop makes man happy

So, went searching today for an S-Video to RCA converter, and a mini audio to RCA adapter. The Source and Sony store provided, respectively. S-Video to RCA converters, as you would expect, are somewhat rare. It took the Radio Sh... *ahem* Source dude about 10 minutes of digging to find one. I went in asking for a cable... but came out with a cheaper adapter instead. Just as well... I had a cable around anyways I discovered.

The objective is to use my old R31 IBM Thinkpad as a cheap media extender. We'd used it many evenings for watching videos... but there's something to be said for screen size. So, as the old TV in the bedroom doesn't take S-Video, and because my $3000 sterio receiver system for some reason refuses to use any of the 4 S-Video connections available... I decided to try a less optimal, but probably more satisfying solution.

It works. So at least I know that it's not my laptop video config that's wrong. The res looks kinda crappy, but not enough for my well-post-teen eyes to get in a snit about. Now, if only I had a wired connection to the bedroom, the video frames might stop sticking.

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