Friday, May 28, 2004

Return of the King

Bought the LOTR: Return of the King DVD yesterday. Spend 2 hours just "scanning" it, not even really watching the movie, but just perusing my favourite bits. Wow. I've yet to really sit down and watch it again, and have not even attempted the extra materials. I need a large flat screen TV.

Next on the movie viewing list: Shrek II, Troy, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Gonna be a busy few weeks.

Tried Lapsang Souchong today, a Chinese black tea. I gotta say, I've met at least one tea I don't like. Next time you're at a camp fire, take some of the partially burned embers, crush and soak in water... same effect. When they say it's "smoky", boy do they mean it. I thought the guy next door was going to call the fire department. The odoriferous emanations are enough to discourage casual attempts to drink the tea. I was courageous however, and managed to imbibe a few sips. Let's just say it's probably an acquired taste.

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