Thursday, December 30, 2004

Bags have Arrived

Well, Christmas has arrived... at least the material portion of it. Not to mention our clothes. All was safe and sound.

Tammy and I have spent the evening getting new tires for the car (we had a flat when we returned from Christmas, and needed new tires anyway), having dinner, and exchanging some gifts.

I picked up a JumpDrive Trio, on Richard's recomendation... along with a 512 MB SD card from Best Buy (they were having a sale).

It looks like a New Year's BBQ at John and Carols, so we picked up some ribs and steak for that, along with a salad. I expect Carol would have difficulty leaving to pick up things, as John has broken his foot. I'm sure new years will be happy nonetheless.

My new drill charger is hanging on the wall, batteries are all charged and waiting for tomorrows activity of installing Tammy's new kitchen radio/CD player.

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