Sunday, December 12, 2004

Shopping, Books, and Snow

Managed finally to get my Christmas shopping done. Make no more requests, all purchases are final! :) Actually, the stores were pretty good today. A minimum of rudeness, and the checkouts pretty fast. Perhaps the stormy weather has kept people in.

I got an early gift for myself as well. I've not been diligent in my reading, particularly of the basics of science fiction. Sure, I ramble on with quotes from Douglas Adams, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings... but I've always felt that I'd been missing out on some of the basics like Mr. Asimov, and more recently (though still classic) Larry Niven.

So, today I bought the fourth book in the "Robots" series by Asimov, The Robots of the Dawn and Ringworld by Niven. Christmas reading taken care of.

Well, Nova's happy now that there's snow. I no longer have to "make" snow out of the frozen ice so that he can, for lack of a better word, go. Yes, apparently snow or grass, or any semi-soft surface is fine, but hard solid surfaces are not appropriate for any bodily functions as far as he's concerned. Humph. Well, the precipitation we have now is apparently more acceptable for his purpose.

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