Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Camping Grundy

Just back from a camping trip at Grundy Lake Provincial Park. Lots of fun. I've not been camping for many years. It's just as I remember: Lots of roasted wieners and marshmellows. Mmmmmm. Marshmellows.

Tam, Nova and I traveled about 7 hours to an area just between Parry Sound and Sudbury. We managed to take a day trip up to Sudbury to see the Big Nickel at the Science North Dynamic Earth facility (though we didn't go in, because Nova was likely not welcome).

Sudbury was a pleasant town... but the rumors of it resembling the face of the moon are founded.

We took a short trip from Sudbury into Whitefish, a town that a friend of mine called home.

A notable roadside attraction was in Barry's Bay, where they have a model of the Avro Arrow dedicated to the test pilot Jan Zurakowski who was a resident of the community.

The new tent didn't leak, we had good traveling, and a good time. Perhaps there will be more camping in future.

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Sheri Cull said...

Regarding Cull Family History.

I have been doing research off and on regarding the Cull family..on your list of Cull family history there is a Joseph and Sara -they are my husband's grandparents..his father was also Joseph as is he..
If you have any new information on William or anything else I would to hear it.. I really enjoyed seeing the page from archives regarding William,I had not seen it before.
Sheri Cull