Saturday, June 10, 2006

Cirque du Soleil

We went to Cirque du Soleil tonight to see their Quidam show. It was truly breathtaking. What a wonderful evening. While I wasn't allowed to take photos inside the big top, particularly of the performances, I did manage to sneak a quick one of the stage and roof between the intermission and the beginning of the second half.

The big top was large, and kinda reminded me of those childrens "moon walk" bouncy blow-up things you sometimes see in traveling carnivals. Not for it's instability, but just the closeness, and the material used for construction.
We stated the evening in the "Rouge room", for VIP's. Free (well, pre-paid) wine, beers, drinks and snacks were available... but best of all, it was roomy, and away from the milling crowds and rain. Then, onto the show.

It was spectacular, in every meaning of the word. Huge sound, lights, acrobatics, art and comedy. Well worth the time and money spent. While the show was 2 1/2 - 3 hours long, it felt like just minutes... there were always 2 or 3 things happing, and we were so close to the action.

The only detractions were the extremely small and uncomfortable seats, and the fact that I wasn't allowed to take photos. The photo nazi's were in force, and not to be reckoned with.

The story, the stage craft, and the performances were all quite entrancing. These people work for a living. Unfortunately, my feeble descriptions can't possibly do it justice.

What a nice evening. Posted by Picasa

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