Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Birthdays and Convocations

Well, I'm 30. After several days off to contemplate my new existence as an old fart, I've decided that things are very good after all. My goals are being achieved (though perhaps not at the rate others would dictate) and life is pretty good. I've decided to postpone my mid-life crisis for at least another year... Or at least until I really can afford that plasma TV.

Displayed proudly on our hallway wall next to my degree is a matching document, emblazoned with white and gold, signifying years of worry, fret, hopes and sweat. Tammy not only has achieved a new job, but has convocated officially from her alma mater in a ceremony last Thursday in the Corel Center. To start and finish such a long term goal is truly an accomplishment. Congratulations honey.

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