Saturday, May 20, 2006


Made some Chili today for the first time ever. As it was raining, and my garden plans (see grand plans on the left) were quashed, I decided to try out a recipie that my old friend Jim sent. I'm sure he sent it to highlight the elegant prose... but I said to myself "anyone that can write that well must know how to make chili".

I am apparently uncivilized, in that I do not own an iron kettle. I made it work despite all.

Having a great and buring desire for hot and buring food, I added a jalapeƱo pepper. It didn't make things too hot, quite tasty in fact. However, in cutting and scraping out the seeds, despite washing my hands very well, they started to burn alot. It gave me great fear for the chili... for if just a touch on the hand caused such burning, surely the chili would be inedible. Such was not the case. I guess the seeds and insides (where most of the burning capsicum resides) were just really powerful. Anyways, the lesson... be careful when cutting your chilis. Harmless, but painful.

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