Monday, May 22, 2006

YES I have just found out how to publish pic straight from Picassa!

I'm sure this blog will be deleted as its just me playing with the computer, Nova woke me up this morning being sick, so i have decided to play with the big computer. Steve will do doubt be inpressed that i have figured out out to blog the pics from picasa. He didn't show me, but I just needed time and lack of something else to do. I hate to read, there fore i just do. I figure things out, who needs directions.

This is our last day of the weekend, I have really accomplished nothing. The kitchen looks great, thanks to Steve. I have been feeling crapy, I even slept in yesterday till 11 something (of course Nova also had me up at 4am, and i was up for a bit and went back to sleep)

June will be here soon, I cant wait! Lots of things happening in June! Nova will be off to the babysitters again. Steve and I are going to San Diego, and I will be off to Sea World and the Zoo. We both have our tickets and there is just the Hotel left to secure. That is what I have been doing mostly this weekend is looking at hotels, not able to find one that I really want to go to. I found one, had a great price............but did not book it. Now the price is not so great. So that's why I wait, incase the rooms go back to that great price!

Steve's also has a birthday treat! Cirque du Soleil (that's the gov site) we are seeing the show QUIDAM (that's Cirque's site) I am very happy that we are going to this and that Steve was actually interested when I asked him if he would like to go.

Then of couse I am going home for Amanda Jayne's graduation! Can you beleive it, she's able to vote now. Amanda just tured 18 in May.

Well I must get going, I'm feeeling sleepy. NOva's already gone back to sleep and Steve is still there. Goodnight.

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