Monday, August 07, 2006

All alone :(

It's Monday, Steve is sleeping and nova is curled up on his last remaining bed as if to say, don't touch it, if this goes so do I. Earlier when I washed it, to look good for the house showing he lied on the inside of it claiming it ..... I think he's getting worried. Our house is so neat, clean and empty... Its like going to a hotel. Everything you need but no personal items about. We headed out close to 12 noon and headed right for MacDonalds as neither of us had breakfast/dinner, Nova was pleased. We just woke up and started to get ready for the showing. Its hard to believe there would be anything to do, however there is. Lets just say I'm happy I have that new vacuum!
So I am really sore from all the cleaning and the baby is making himself known. The morning sickness can come without warning. It saved me from cleaning the shower yesterday, as I just could not do it. I am having cravings and aversions to particular foods, never constant only lasting a little while. Now I am partial to MacDonalds Chicken nuggets, one day it seemed like the only thing I could eat. Yesterday I could barley eat anything as it all seemed to make me ill. Pregnancy is interesting.

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