Monday, August 14, 2006

Tired of a Clean House

I am so happy no one wants to look at my place today. I am tired of people just wanting to come by and take a look at my wall color..... Or maybe my fabulous bed set.... I truly do love it, more then when we first bought it. Someone just make an offer, the house is clean, good condition, the appliances are good..... Show me the offer. I want to move in to another place and stop worrying about if someone's going to call and want to come over and there's a spot on the sink. Friends and family don't care if there's a spot on the sink. Yesterday after Steve vacuumed, I started picking up little fuzz balls off the carpet, now I'm sure no one would even notice them....... But I saw them, I had to pick them up. I'm worried I will have to steam the carpets again, although they are still looking good. Occasionally nova's foot print looks like a spot, until I get close. Steaming is hard work when you are pregnant, especially when you only want to sleep. I think I'm going to be having a boy. We have not decided on the name, although I have a name in mind for a girl. There is always hope. Nova has been causing some concern, his allergies have been acting up and he caused himself to have an infection from all the biting and scratching. The vet gives me discounts on my visits there................That's how often my boy goes

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