Sunday, August 06, 2006

Open house completed

The open house was held today. It seemed to go very well according to reports from our realtor. A couple of people were interested, and one couple even returned a second time with their parents to have a look. An auspicious beginning.

Tam, Nova and I went to Dicks for a burger and shake (awesome burgers BTW) and then a drive through downtown Gatineau, with return via scenic highway 50. We were so busy prepping the house that we hadn't really made any plans for the time when we were ousted from our home. On our return there were still visitors, so we took a walk around the block, and walked back incognito... pretending (and indeed actually) to enjoy such a lovely adult-friendly young professional neighborhood on a nice afternnon. Care was taken to greet several of the visitors as they exited with broad smiles and how-do-you-do's.

Our realtor visted later and told us that the house was showing very well... especially for such a nice semi-cool sunny summer day. He generally hopes for rain on open house day, as more people tend to visit.

We already have another appointment for a showing tomorrow. So we'll have to plan an outing for tomorrow as well.

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