Friday, November 12, 2004

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is the coolest thing ever. I've tried to explain it to some people... they often just don't get it. Then again, perhaps it's because nobody does.

A wiki is a community driven website. Anybody can go and edit a page, any time, anywhere. Yep, you heard right, anybody.

So, why does someone just not go and wipe it out? Or worse yet, mess it up subtly? Well, some people do. Others find it and fix it. Faster than most people can notice. Then the baddies are banned, and life goes on. But mostly, I like to believe, human nature dictates that we create rather than destroy. Perhaps I'm a fool.

But not only the website is free (to both view, and change). Much of the content is free for taking as well! Insanity I say. Insanity I like.

- Guardian Article

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