Sunday, November 21, 2004

Slow Cooked Beer Rabbit

Man. Perfection in just 6 hours. Slow cookin my beer and chili soaked rabbit. Yum. My girlfriend's mom looks at me like I'm saying squirrel when I say I'm cooking rabbit. But, she does not know what she's missing. Rabbit is succulent, good, and good for you.

Anyways, in my effort to combine rabbit + whatever was in the cupboard + slow cooker, I found a really nifty site. I've been looking for a well designed recipie site for some time. RecipeZarr is the best I've found. You can select cooking methods, add/subtract types of food, prep time, and all sorts of paramters... and find just what your looking for.

I mean, who's looking for beer; rabbit; slow cooker; chili sauce? Me. :)

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