Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Bush, Jennings, Nova and Tupperware

A disparate pair. Yet, on this same evening, one has arrived in Canada, and the other has finally left us, after so many weeks on Jeopardy. I'll miss you now that you're gone Ken.

There's quite a ruckus in the streets today due to Mr. Bush's visit. I was told that he commented that at least some Canadians were waving with all five fingers. Yeesh.

On the medical side of things, Nova has been to the doctor, and again his ailments remain a mystery. More meds, more fasting. On the bright side of things, he does not seem ill... yet the evidence remains. Well, he's always had a bit of a queasy disposition. Hopefully with appropriate diet, and our being careful, he'll avoid this situation in future. We can hope.

My honey has been busy with Tupperware, it's selling, procurement, meetings, and all of the associated cookie baking. Note to the men: cookies are not the same as squares. These are entirely different entities. Under no circumstances confuse these confections.

Apparently cookies are the means of control used in this cult. Expect her at your door any day now, cookie tray in hand, regaling you with the latest specials in superior plasticware. You all know what you're getting for Christmas. I know what I'm probably getting at least.

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