Saturday, February 05, 2005

Getting to be Stress Free

Wow what a week! I have used up almost all of my sick time. Turns out it was due to stress, and I thought I was having a heart attack! Good news for me, bad news for waiting! Once my ECG came back and said my heart was fine, I then had to wait for hours and hours and hours in a little room to see a doctor. I walked into emerge with chest pains and swelling of limbs at 10am on Tuesday (signs of heart problems) walked out of emerge at 7pm. I guess I’m a lucky one; I did get to walk out.
The doctor was nice and gave me a note that at 7pm I didn't have to return to work that day, which would have been more useful at 12pm but hey! I then told the doctor my work was not stressful. If I told him the truth, well lets just say this week would have been unpaid...So getting to my job: now when people call me up screaming at me as to how dare I send them that letter, or that they are going to take me to court, or how evil I am, and how rich I am, cause I don't have to pay what they pay (yeah that's right folks, apparently I’m rich - if I were rich do you think I would be answering the phone buddy?) I guess they must value work more then I cause apparently if the lotto came in for them, they would apply to hold a job where folks yell and scream and say nasty things to you all day long!
I have made a decision though, the more they yell the more they love me! Yep, and even though the hang-ups stop yelling at me, they love me too! Don't get me wrong there are lots of wonderful callers out there and they are what keep you going, it feels good to help them! One of those calls came in Friday, thank goodness!

Wedding plans are becoming complete! We have our photographer, our videographer, our location, our ship (yes ship) I have flowers ordered for the wedding party. My dress is here, the cake will be ordered soon.........someone has to decide on suits (shhhh, we wont say who), we have to reserve our van, and we have to see about NSLC liquor license. Then we have to decide on wine, I have to get shoes, vial, head piece, loose some weight, have dress altered, send out invitations, call the minister - get our marriage license from a lady in Lower Sackville. Win the lotto; find a tux for my boy (hehehe, I want pics with my boy)


Anyone want some Tupperware? How about some candles? Or some spices?

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