Saturday, February 12, 2005

Something New

Well i have to share this, you may or may not be aware but here goes:

Google has a wonderful feature for people like me, when i went to school, they were bringing in the metric system - and were not teaching us any of the old measurments - this how ever caused great difficulty... as we should have been taught both so we could convert things, easly!

This morning i was booking our minivan for our wedding, and found that there is a 3000km cap on renting a car to go outside of ontario and trying to figure out how may km it is to Halifax... I went to map blast which indicated aprox 890 miles...well now. I need to know km not miles... so off to google i go and type in miles to km -------- and up pops the answer of 1 mile = 1.609344 kilometers... Wow! It has a calculator built in, so then i tried 890 miles and up comes the answer of 1432.31616 kilometers...So if any one is tyring to find the conversion of anything just go to wonderful!

We now have our van booked for our trip home to Nova Scotia! Its from july 22 to aug 7.

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