Wednesday, April 12, 2006


After an uneventful overnight journey we found ourselves docking early this morning in Antigua. Antigua is quite a bit larger than Tortola both in population and in size. Rolling green hills framed with colorful small, and large houses were presented in a very warm day. The local beer, tried both on the beginning of the shopping, and after, was excellent. Wadadil (or something like that). It was good anyways.

We did some shopping. I saw one of the Star Wars artists (pictured working on Yoda in many of his displays). We bought a map of the carrebean poster there...

We looked at lots of expensive jewlery (which we did not purchase), and lots of cheap jewlery (which we did purchase). Then, a little stroll over to the "Big Banana" to have some food. Let me say this, the flying fish on a bun is excellent. Tam had a club sandwich, but did take a bite of mine. We got some Pizza to go also (it's apparently a local favourite).

Then, after dropping off our booty at the ship, we went out a little off the beaten track to get a photo of the 4 ships docked side-by-side. It took us a little out of the tourist area. Needless to say, Tam was uncertain... but I really appreciated being offered some Ganga. I politely refused... but hey, it's nice to be asked.

Thus far, Antigua tops my list. I only wish I had 2 more days. One to visit the fort on the other side of the Island (Nelson's fort), and another to snorkel (I've really developed a taste for the snorkeling).

Now, onwards to Dominica (otherwise known as the rainforest island).


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rakerman said...

Cool. Glad to hear that all is well.