Sunday, April 09, 2006

Arrival in US and Embarkation

Spent a very busy (and exceptionally early) day yesterday getting to the airport, flying to Montreal for breakfast; followed by a rather speedy (seeming) flight to Fort Lauderdale, FL. A 30 minute baggage wait preceeded a 10 minute ride to Port Everglades. At the port we were quickly processed, and boarded the ship.

After a quick room inspection, a buffet lunch was quickly found, and the exploration began. Although we started the day at about 3:45AM, it didn't end until we'd explored decks 5-14... and were nearly falling asleep at a movie showing. The "Interpreter" looked like a good movie. I'll have to rent it to find out what the end was.

Leaving Ft. Lauderdale was beautiful. We set sail with a beautiful sunset that hopefully I've captured on film... I'd post a photo, but I don't think I can upload photos from here.... working on a PDA/Wireless hack for that... we'll see when I get a chance.

A goodly 8 hours of sleep later, and I feel human. We've arrived at Princess Cays, and are setup to be tendered (think little boat) to shore for some snorkeling and BBQ. Kinda cloudy, hopefully we'll get some sun later. Not too much... as I think we already got our exposure of RAD's yesterday in the afternoon. Don't wanna burn!

BTW.... it looks like there's some problem in getting my work mail from here (some complaint about scripting required, etc, etc....) So you might want to write Tam at her hotmail address if you'd like to contact us:

Update: Added some photos to this posting. The rest are currently in the processing stage, and I'm getting them GeoCoded with my GPS data, adding captions and whatnot... available soon I promise.

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