Saturday, April 15, 2006

Barbados - Turtley Delight

The best by far so far. That's all I can say. Sunny, warm, friendly, not-too-pricey (though affluent as my father recently mentioned), and really really nice.

We spent our day snorkeling on the west coast (the beachy side, as opposed to the apparently more rugged east coast/atlantic side). We snorkeled a beach a bit up the coast, along with free bar and breakfast and lunch. We returned the same way, and stopped for about an hour to visit some local wildlife in their natural aquatic habitat. The hawksbill and leatherback turtles are endangered, I believe we saw the hawksbill variety. They were extremely large, gentle creatures. We got extremely close, such that at one point I thought one was planning a trip right through me. Fortunately, they're smart enough to know they're much better swimmers than I, and avoided a collision.

Absolutely fantastic. Tam really enjoyed the day. Yes, we bought the t-shirt.

We'll be back in Barbados, I've no doubt.

Stephen - Just slightly offshore of Barbados.

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