Sunday, April 02, 2006

No Weekends left in Canada

Well its Sunday, I'm up early with my baby boy who likes to wake me for what ever reason, I’m listing to a bad day, not having one.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Leave for Trip, have fun, relax, explore new places, swim, snorkel, see sting rays, see sea turtles the size of me, sail. For anyone that may be trying to contact us during those days. the best way it via email, Steve’s work address would be the most reliable. Or you could choose the $11.95 a min method and call. Yes i said
Minute. This is thephone # 1- 1-900-565-280
0. We are on the Sea Princess. Going down on Air Canada via Montreal coming back on Delta via Atlanta arriving approx 10pm.

Nova is going to stay at Dog gone Country he was already out for a visit and we believe he wil
l be having a ball to, a house full of dogs, party 24-7 while Mom and Dad are gone. He goes Friday night and we will miss him. Shirley has promised to rescue him in case of Emergency. Sharon has volunteered Bruce. I think i also made mom promise something too.......well it is her grand child! I promise not to worry. BUT HE IS MY BABY! Please just don't do something like this to him!

You must visit this web site

well there was much more I wanted to say maybe I will come back later today.

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