Friday, April 14, 2006


Today Tammy added a new country to her visited list, but I did not. Martinique is a department of France. We're docked in the cultural 'capital' of Fort-de-France. This morning we took a walking tour of the city, and visited several local landmarks, statues and parks. Some of the plantlife is poisionous, and I was sure to get close for some photos.

It's a beautiful day, sunny and warm, but with a few clouds. With all of the activities recently, we decided to take the walking tour, and to do a little souviener shopping in the downtown area after the tour ended. We didn't take the ferry across the bay to the beach... I was wiped. We're planning a big snorkeling expedition tomorrow in Barbados, and I didn't want to overdo it with the sun and walking today.

It's holy Friday (Good Friday), and here on the islands most everything is shutdown. There were a few little shops open, so we did manage to acquire a substantial booty despite it all. I finally got a hat that I like. The local beer was, of course, sampled. Bière de Lorraine was good, but Wadidili (Antigua) is still my favourite I think.

Martinique is a realitively rich and populated island. I guess that's what they get for being so directly attached to France. The cost of living, and hence tshirts, hats and towels, is quite high as compared to the other places we've been. It's beautiful though, friendly, safe... and today... quiet. I'm told it's much much busier usually. Most people are apparently on pilgrameges up the mountains to atone for their sins. I'm also told, by our very funny tour guide, that they've lots of sins to atone for.

Again, I wish I had a couple of more days. There seem to be wonderful beaches just out of reach. My snorkeling passion should be quenched on the morrow however.

Steve - Fort de France, Martinique.

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