Monday, April 17, 2006

Grenada and Isla Margarita

Grenada was quite wonderful to visit. It, like many other of the islands, was quite poor, still recovering from the revolution, invasion and hurricanes. But it is quite the tropical paridise. We visited a spice plantation, an extinct volcano (with lake), and took quite a winding and vertical tour all around the island on some very narrow, but we're assured 2 way, streets. The tour was very informal, informative, and historical. Of all the islands, I feel we got a good view of what Grenada was about, given the time allotted. And, as usual, wow... it was hot. The traditional beer (Carib) was had. Better than Banks (Barbados), it was quite light, cold and refreshing.

It was the only island were we witnessed any violence (a bit of a domestic brawl on the street as we passed). I'm glad we took the tour and didn't just wander... but I think the city would have been safe. The people were so nicely dressed. We saw many leaving church (Easter Sunday) as we drove along. The information on the history, invasion, hurricanes, economy and spice production was wonderful. Thanks Andy, you were a good guide.

Today we arrived at Isla Margarita, and despite not having booked a tour, we just had to go ashore to be able to proclaim that we visited Venezuela and South America. A lovely port, and beautiful (the best so far) beach. We didn't go far, as the port is about 40 minutes from town by cab. It's the point furtherest south of our voyage, 10 degrees, 50 minutes north latitude. Not really that far from the equator.

Currently we're headed west towards Aruba, and expect to arrive early in the morning. My dutch is a bit rusty... I only know two words, ja (yes), and sandsculptingshow. I think only the first would be useful. Fortunately, our information tells us that english is widely spoken.

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