Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cruise photos available

Finally the photos have been geocoded, cut, cropped, altered, edited and, most importantly, published. All the photos are available at the photo pages of my website. I've also gone back and added photos in the previous postings on this blog where they should be... so please go back through the April archive and take a look.

I'm still planning to link the photos via Google Earth and whatnow, so you can view the locations, and click to see where the photos were taken... but that's a little further off. For now, I hope you'll enjoy the track we produced from our GPS during the trip.

I've been asked if we'll do another cruise. Well, I'm certainly not opposed. We visited lots and lots of places, and had many new experiences. However, we think that for the next trip (if and when that should happen) we'd try something different. Personally, I'm thinking backpacking through Abu Dhabi, whilst I think Tammy has resort/beach in mind. We're both kind of keen to visit parts of the UK also. Time will tell.

Note that while many of the photos are showing cloudy days, that's not the way I remember it... it was hot, it was sunny. We did have one day of rain in Princess Cays, Bahamas... but it passed quickly.

Enjoy the photos! Posted by Picasa

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