Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Princess Cays and on to Tortola

Well, we arrived the day before yesterday at Princess Cays, basically a beach in Eluthera that Princess leases from the Bahamas. Tried out the snorkeling there... it's very hard to learn to breathe underwater when you've been trained for 30 years not to.

That went well... the underwater camera housing is working wonderfully... got some wicked shots of fish. Well, wicked for an amateur.

Then onward for a day at sea as we crossed to our current port, Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands. What a mix this place is. African origin people, with very clear english, american dollar as currency, and they do drive on the left.... but with left hand drive cars (same as ours). Odd, and wonderfull.

After the big rain at Princess Cays, Tortola has shown us what Carribean sunshine is all about. We took a quick commute on a small ferry to the Virgin Goda, a beautiful white sandy beach, with grottos, caves, and wonderful volcanic (granite as I read them) rock formations. Also did some snorkeling for a couple of hours, and got in a nice hike and some souvenier shopping. The rum punch was excellent (though I think they watered down the rum).

After that we took a short shopping/sightseeing walk from the shop directly into Road Town. Picked up the usual T-shirts... but Tam bought me a special present... mango/papaya chutney (yum).

Well, that' s all for now. This intraweb thing is expensive. Too bad I can't get photos uploaded... still working on it.


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